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Magnetic Tool Holder - Magnetic Bit Box

Magnetic Tool Holder - Magnetic Bit Box

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Bit boxes have been a jumbled disaster for as long as they’ve been around. So we added a clip, magnets, and some good old-fashioned ingenuity to make it something you can’t live without.

Furthermore, lid magnets let you stick a bit to the outside of the bit box for easy access while the 90 degree tray allows you to quickly find the rest of what you need. Consequently, our Magnetic Tool Holder is designed for security, convenience, and organization, making it the perfect choice for any project.

Our magnetic tool holder holds bits, drivers, and anything else metal up to a whole pound! That's some stick!

Features of our Magnetic Tool Holder

Easy Slide-on Rails

Modular rails make swapping and
securing clips quick and easy.
Easy slide-on rails icon

Powerful Magnets

Keep bits where they belong
with a powerful magnetic tray
Powerful Magnets Icon

Sticky Mag

Lid Magnets let you stick a bit to the
outside of the bit box for easy access
Sticky Mag Icon

90° Tray

Quickly find what you need with a
90 degree lay-flat tray design
90° Tray


Constructed from a unique blend of durable composites
that can withstand extreme temperatures and daily abuse
Work-proof icon




  • Why choose SwatClips? 

Besides the fact we have a 90% approval rating on our products. We are builders at heart… technically we are builders still. Most days we still strap on our tool belts, grab magnetic tool holders, snap our important bits in and get to work. Simply, we know how we want our bits to be held, and it isn’t in a handful of sawdust.

  • Are all of our products really made in the USA?

We will be the first to tell you that manufacturing in the USA has gone out of style; The high material costs and labor makes it difficult to do in the states… but this didn’t stop us. We wanted to be able to control our inventory.

Consequently, If we are able to do that, us and our customers will never have to worry about long shipping times to get back to work. 

  • How do I know if the Bit Box will work for me?

We use the toughest neodymium magnets on the market. Built to withstand heat, cold and endless days of work. Our magnetic tool holder won’t ever let you down in the field. We know because we still use our first prototypes on our tool belts.


For any other questions, we are always happy to point you in the right direction

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