Magnetic Tool Pad - Magnetic Grab Pad

Magnetic Tool Pad - Magnetic Grab Pad

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Magnetic tool pads just got a upgrade. You’ve always been able to slap them to cars, workbenches, walls. But we wanted our tools to go with us, we wanted to hold pliers, hammers and handfuls of screws on our hip, easily accessible and held firm. What we knew we needed was a magnetic tool pad that could become a portable workbench. SwatClips Magnetic Grab Pad is exactly that and more than even we thought it could be.

Built with solid foam cores and real Montana leather exterior it not only looks the part. It deserves awards for succeeding in its part. It's able to bend with you as you move throughout the day it's just as well at home on your hip, as any of our other suite of products. We also knew this magnetic tool pad couldn’t be enough if it just held on to tools. It needed to let go of them too, and ONLY when you wanted it to.


Features of our Magnetic Tool Pad

Easy Slide-on Rails
Modular rails make swapping and
securing clips quick and easy.
Easy slide-on rails icon
Perfect Magnetic Hold
A perfect amount of strength in our design
allows for an ease of use unparalleled in the industry.
It will hold strong when you need it and
snap into your hand when you want it.
Powerful Magnets Icon
Space to Work
With a 5" X 7.5" we deliver a magnetic tool pad
that gives you full space to work on your hip,
while never getting in your way.
Powerful Magnets Icon
Constructed from a unique blend of durable composites
that can withstand extreme temperatures and daily abuse
Work-proof icon




  • Why choose SwatClips? 

Besides the fact we have a 90% approval rating on our products. We are builders at heart… technically we are builders still. Most days we still strap on our tool belts, grab magnetic tool holders, snap our important bits in and get to work. Simply, we know how we want our bits to be held, and it isn’t in a handful of sawdust.

  • Are all of our products really made in the USA?

We will be the first to tell you that manufacturing in the USA has gone out of style; The high material costs and labor makes it difficult to do in the states… but this didn’t stop us. We wanted to be able to control our inventory.

Consequently, If we are able to do that, us and our customers will never have to worry about long shipping times to get back to work. 

  • How do I know if the SwatClips Mangetic Tool Pad will work for me?

If you work in any of the following categories: construction worker, framer, electrician, plumber, mechanic, machine operator, concrete worker, cabinet maker, cabinet installer, sheet metal worker, works with steel buildings, sheetrock installation, landscaper…

the list goes on and on and on. 

When you aren’t confined to having another metal space for your magnetic tool pad to attach to, the possibilities are endless. If you want to check out our other magnetic clips, check out our smaller Magnetic Bit Box, perfect for making sure all of your most important bits are accounted for.

Have any questions? we are always happy to point you in the right direction

Email us at: support@swatclips.com

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