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Toolbelt for Drill/Drivers - Drill Clip

Toolbelt for Drill/Drivers - Drill Clip

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A Toolbelt for Impact Drill/Drivers to hold comfortably and securely on your hip, tool belt or ladder. Furthermore,  No more climbing one-handed or balancing your expensive drill on a ladder, ledge, or scaffolding. Just click it into place and don’t give it a second thought.

Moreover, A tool belt that holds Impact Drill/Drivers. Unheard of, we know. Made to run through thousands of uses, we designed this clip with the idea of it being used day in and day out. Moreoever, Rain or shine you will want to have one of these Drill Clips on your toolbelt at all times.

Additionally, Worried about it fitting your drill? Check out our tool guide above. If it fits your hand, it should fit in SwatClips.

Features of our Toolbelt for Drill/Drivers

Easy Slide-on Rails

Modular rails make swapping and
securing clips quick and easy.
Easy slide-on rails icon

Reliable Retention

Designed to hold the weight of your drill
 securely while you walk or climb
Reliable Retention

Perfect Fit

Designed to fit most drills
Perfect Fit Icon

Blind Load

Easily load and unload your drill
in one quick with a single hand.
Blind Load Icon


Constructed from a unique blend of durable composites
that can withstand extreme temperatures and daily abuse
Workproof Icon



  • Why choose SwatClips? 

Besides the fact we have a 90% approval rating on our products. We are builders at heart… technically we are builders still. Furthermore,  Most days we still strap on our tool belts, grab our impact drill/drivers, snap them into our SwatClips and get to work. Simply, we know how a toolbelt is supposed to hold an impact drill/driver.


  • Are all of our products really made in the USA?

We will be the first to tell you that manufacturing in the USA has gone out of style; The high material costs and labor makes it difficult to do in the states… but this didn’t stop us. We wanted to be able to control our inventory.

Consequently, If we are able to do that, us and our customers will never have to worry about long shipping times to get back to work.


  • How do I know the Drill Clip works for me?

Don’t worry. There are hundreds of different brands, styles and jobs that drills/drivers fall into. To start, check out the tool guide for your brand of drill/drivers! 


For any other questions, we are always happy to point you in the right direction

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