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Hammer Holder for Framing Hammers - Hammer Clip Wide + Base Mini

Hammer Holder for Framing Hammers - Hammer Clip Wide + Base Mini

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Our Framing Hammer Holder - Hammer Clip Wide + Base Mini clips in and doesn't swing, slap, or sway.  Now you can click it and forget it right until you need it. Lastly, Curved to fit the contours of your waist for all-day comfort and a secure fit.

Furthermore, Hammer Holders have been a staple to the construction industry, so we decided to take another look at it. Consequently, We came back with the Hammer clip suite. Your industry, your framing hammers, all under one system. Let’s redefine what it means to work smarter, not harder.

Moreover, Will it fit your waist? Try anywhere you’ve ever needed a tool. Toolbelt, belt, hip, bibs, waiters, shorts… you get the idea. Where you go, SwatClips goes.

Features of our Framing Hammer Holder

Easy Slide-on Rails

Modular rails make swapping and
securing clips quick and easy.
Easy slide-on rails icon

Zero Swing Design

A solid hold keeps your hammer from
swaying and slapping when you walk
Zero swing design icon

Perfect Fit

Designed to hold most wide neck framing hammers,
see our tool guide to check for your fit.
Perfect fit icon

Blind Load

Designed Easily load and unload your hammer
in one quick motion with a single hand
Blind load icon


Constructed from a unique blend of durable composites
that can withstand extreme temperatures and daily abuse
Work-proof icon



  • Why choose SwatClips? 

Besides the fact we have a 90% approval rating on our products. We are framers at heart… technically we are framers still. Most days we still strap on our tool belts, grab our framing hammers, snap them into our SwatClips and get to work. Simply, we know how a framing hammer is supposed to be held.


  • Are all of our products really made in the USA?

We will be the first to tell you that manufacturing in the USA has gone out of style; The high material costs and labor makes it difficult to do in the states… but this didn’t stop us. We wanted to be able to control our inventory.

Consequently, If we are able to do that, us and our customers will never have to worry about long shipping times to get back to work.


  • How do I know which Hammer Clip works for me?

Don’t worry. There are hundreds of different brands, styles and jobs that hammers fall into. To start, check out the tool guide for your brand of hammer! 

For California Framing Hammers, or tools like them. You’re on the right page! 

For Medium Size Hammers like Vaughn (our CEO Dave's favorite hammer) check out our Hammer Clip Medium.

And for narrow hammer necks, like estwings or slag hammers. Go and look at our Hammer Clip Narrow.


For any other questions, we are always happy to point you in the right direction

Email us at:


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