Tool Pouch in use.

Work Pouch: Free Standing and a True Catch All

Work Pouch Mishaps-

Is there anything worse than reaching into your side pocket of your tool belt and meeting the point of a screw with the tip of your finger? If you're a tradesman or even a weekend warrior then it’s certain that you've had that exact experience.

Well, believe it or not, it’s not the cosmos conspiring against you or bad luck. It’s not the screw's fault either. The blame actually lies with your work pouch. It’s the wrong size and the wrong shape. You may be wondering how I can confidently say this having never seen your particular bag. Simply put I've been a professional builder for thirty years and if a tool has been made the likelihood of me purchasing it is very high. I’m also the inventor of SwatClips.

I've successfully brought many inventions from the drawing board to the marketplace. I knew that I needed a work pouch that fits a large, muscular, rough, rip-a-phonebook in half, type of hand. I thought it would also be nice if it fit my hand.

Time for the Solution-

Firstly, A great work pouch should be strong and flexible. The fact that I got it to stand on its own with a waterproof bottom was just a bonus. 

Secondly, it should work for every type of trade. Lastly, it's easy to take on and off and it sits on your countertop or on your ladder without spilling its contents. Our bag is the right size, big enough to hold the proper amount of screws without having to grab the tip first.

In short, the SwatClips drop pouch is the best work pouch on the market today.

SwatClips Drop Pouch-

It's more than a bag. It’s the perfect catch-all for anything and everything you need to get the job done. Without the added weight of your entire belt.

Modular rails make swapping and securing clips quick and easy. All the space you need for screws, nails, or any odds and ends. Rigid enough to stand up straight on the ground, soft enough to comfortably sit on your hip

Built from ballistic nylon to stand up to the abuse of any job.

After all that, I'd say it's time to get to work.

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Loop strap on side of pouch. The top loop I assume is used to pick the pouch up with one finger. What’s the design purpose of the remaining loops located below the top larger loop. Thank you

Stephen M Painter

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