Swatclips magnetic tool holder, the bit box that won't be leaving your hip.

Swatclips magnetic tool holder, the bit box that won't be leaving your hip.

Bits, where are they now?

Where are your bits? Your T20’s, T40’s, the flat that you keep for tightening blades, the phillips that you use for the occasional cabinet maybe? Maybe running around with a new greenhorn you hired. We decided that as long as they aren’t right on your hip and ordered, they weren’t in the right place.

Enter the Swatclips Bit Box. Our magnetic tool holder is built with neodymium magnets and heavy duty plastics tested through the heat and the cold of Montana. More than just materials, it was built with problem solving in mind. You never need all of your bits, no one is going to throw a whole 124 set into their toolbelt. What you need is the 4 or 5 most used bits always on hand. We wanted that hand to be secure and without a handful of sawdust.


20 Years of framing fixed by Swatclips

This is a story of one of the toughest construction worker we’ve ever known. We will call him… Cam. 

Cam went 20 years of framing while buying bits, asking for bits, and carrying all of those mentioned bits until they of course… got lost. I worked with Sam on many days where me, being the greenhorn, was sent out to get the green board stretcher and a handful of t20’s at the hardware store.

After the creation of our Swatclips magnetic bitbox, those trips to the store went to zero. Cam now carries the same set of bits he’s now had for a full year in his SwatClips Bitbox. I also learned that a green board stretcher… well I’m sure you know about the green board stretcher. 


“I can’t believe I had to work without one all these years”

One of the main concerns we have heard in building our business. Is the tried and true blue collar worries. 

“Is it really that much better?”

“I can dig around for my bits.”

“I like having to spend more money on bits in a day than I do on lunch!”

Ok maybe the last one was hyperbole but you get the idea. Yes it really is that much better. Here at SwatClips we believe that you should get to carry your tools your way. No more “making it work”. We made it, now you work. We offer our magnetic tool holder as one of our many ways that Swatclips is making the tool industry faster, safer and just all around an easier time.

So don’t wait to send someone out because you lost your last bit. Put your tools where they belong. Put your tools in SwatClips.



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