Slag Hammer Holder

Slag Hammers: What They Needed and What We Knew.

The Conversation -

Whenever you start a conversation or an article with "I’m not going to lie to you" or "Can I tell you the truth?" You leave your audience wondering what you were going to tell them or why you needed to ask if you could tell them the truth. I’ll just simply tell you how it is that I came to know anything about slag hammers or the best way to hold them. When I invented SwatClips for my hammer, which looks normal, I had never really considered what a slag hammer was or how to hold it.

I did know however if they were selling across the world then they had to be more than a gimmick.

Time to Talk Slag Hammers -

When people started seeing what SwatClips could do for their tools I was asked repeatedly what I could do for any particular tool. One of these tools happened to be a slag hammer my brother used for surveying. He has to dig around in the dirt a lot to find property pins. Or at least that's what he puts on the invoice. 

After he showed me what a slag hammer was and how to properly bill people for its use. He asked if I could design something easy to use, strong, and sleek to hold his hammer. A very long trial and error period later we came up with the SwatClips narrow hammer holder. It works great for slag hammers and any metal narrow neck hammer-like Vaughn, Dewalt, or Milwaukee. 

I personally don't use the narrows very often. I'm still framing and siding with my normal hammer. We’ll see how the homeowner reacts when he sees the new bill.

A Solution Found Through Trial and Error -

The narrow hammer holder is perfect for anyone who wants their thin hammer clipped in and not swinging, slapping, or swaying. Now you can click it and forget it right until you need it.

Easily load and unload your hammer in one quick motion with a single hand. And of course, being a part of the SwatClips family the backer comes with modular rails. These make swapping and securing different clips quick and easy.

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