Swatclips Framing hammer on a toolbelt

Framing Hammers: A Time Honored Tool

Changing Times Changing Tools-

Framing hammers have come a long way since I started framing. We used to swing thirty-two-ounce wood-handled Vaughn's. Now guys are swinging fourteen-ounce titanium handle stilettos.

For my money just in case you were curious I currently swing a nineteen-ounce wood handle Vaughn. For thirty or forty dollars I think it's great. And I don't have to worry about taking out a second mortgage or having a cosigner purchase one. 

Everyone Hates Hammer Slap-

For the most part, hammers do the same thing, they hit nails, tap studs into place, and get bragged about. The other thing they do, when you least deserve it,  is hit your funny bone on your knee. I believe this feature was designed by Genghis Khan to teach would-be complainers to toughen up for the ensuing battle. Wherever it started doesn’t really matter what we do know is that it has continued to this very day.

Framing hammers can be of all makes and models and of all costs but the way they sit in their metal ring is the same. That is until this framer said enough. I invented SwatClips because hammer holders suck and hammer slap sucks more. I can honestly say I have been wearing the SwatClips Hammer Holder for almost three years and will never go back to the noisy, slapping ways of yesteryear.

Moving Forward and Traveling On-

I have a new toy to show off and brag about. It is strong, holds my hammer in perfect harmony with my body and my knees are soft and supple. Quite frankly SwatClips are awesome.

This week I'm going to roll with a few of them over to Indy to install some new railing. While I’m on the plane I’ll think of all those hammers that have come and gone over the years and how many bruises they've left on my funny bone and I’ll have a good chuckle.

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