Swatclips comfortable tool belts

The Tool Belt Designed for Comfort, Tested for Performance.

-A Contractor and His Bags-

Tool belts are one of the most customizable and changing parts of the construction industry. You can often tell what field someone works in by the contents and the state of their toolbelt.

The worn sun-bleached bags of a concrete worker or house framer. The endless pockets of an electrician. The spotted fabric bags of a painter, filled with tape and touch up brushes.

Despite how varied and original they all seem, many of these bags are the exact same. A little difference of material or contents but altogether similar. Two large pockets with a couple of dividers and a hook or two. They work because you made them work. 

Going Lighter or Adding More to your Tool Belt-

Adding anything to your toolbelt shouldn’t be a difficult process. You shouldn't even need to take it off to do so. With Swatclips you won’t have too.

Built to be entirely modular, Swatclips can slide onto any tool belt or even a work belt for those days you just want to go lighter. With an ever expanding line of clips you can mix and match for the days you need them.

Intentionally Overbuilt-

It all starts with the Base Pro. This modular foundation lets you carry specific tools for specific jobs, so you're not stuck getting weighed down with a tool belt full of things you don't need. Designed to sit comfortably on the back side of your hip, it slides effortlessly onto your belt, pants, or tool belt. Just click on the SwatClip that’s made for the tool you need and get to work. 

Modular rails make swapping and securing clips quick and easy. Swap from clip to clip quickly and securely with an audible click.

Curved to fit the contours of your waist for all-day comfort. Slides over your waistband or belt and stays there without sagging or shifting

Finally, its constructed from a unique blend of durable composites that can withstand extreme temperatures and daily abuse

If you're simply looking to add something to your toolbelt or just go lighter it doesn’t get better than this. For more information check out our store page here.

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