DIY Toolbelts

DIY Toolbelts: Cost vs. Quality

DIY Toolbelts and A Quick Stop at the Hardware store-

Here is the thing about DIY toolbelts, it's really is just a fancy way of saying "kind of crappy toolbelts" its a marketing ploy by "Big Tool" to trick consumers into accepting less than what they want or need.

The idea is that you don't need a great tool like the pros because you only work on evenings and weekends where as the true professionals wok on weekdays. See the difference? Those of us that have the hours of 8 to 5 taken up by other things, like a job or running a company don't need strong tools that last.

We can get by on some off brand drill from Sears, and a toolbelt that reminds me of Cracker Jacks.

A Mans Home is his Castle-

In my life this seems ridiculous, I'd dare say that I care more about my home than any contractor ever will. For me, my house represents the most significant financials investment in my life. So spare me the idea that crappy weekend tools and a plastic DIY toolbelt will get me by. I want the best, I want them organized and ready to use. I want to take my tools off of my beautifully organized wall mounts to my hip. I want to be able to hold my tools in a way that makes sense.

Swatclips is a unique tool eco system that works for pros and DIY pros a like. They fit on my pants or on my toolbelt seamlessly and return to the wall just as easy.

Knowing what you need-

Unlike the pros my typical weekends are full of "honey do's" and "what was I thinking projects". Jobs that need tools but not always the entire tool belt. Mix and matching what I need with Swatclips is the new norm for me and I've never looked back.

Now if you don't mind I'm gonna finish installing this new rain gutter before taking the family down to the lake. I certainly don't need a pro to tell me how to do that.  

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