Drill Holster in action

Clip On Drill Holster: Quick Draw

Drills. Where do you put them?-

I strongly believe that tools should do certain things well, maybe even perfectly. If a tool is designed for a particular job then it should meet your expectations. I find in life when expectations aren't met then it often leads to disappointment. When they are met we experience happiness.

For me, I’m looking for a few things from a drill clip or holder. It must first hold my drill securely while allowing me the access I need for the job I’m performing. It simply does no good for me to have a drill holder that I can’t access easily and on-demand. I also like an audible confirmation that my drill is properly back on the clip.

The Drill Holster Solution -

The Swatclips clip on drill holster is modular and easily goes on my pants or my tool belt. I put it exactly where I need it at the moment. There are times that I keep it on my left hip because I’m not using it as frequently as other times.

There are also times that it gets the place of honor which is my corner right hip. A spot usually, meant for my hammer clip. SwatClips are so easy to switch out that occasionally I let the drill holder ride shotgun. No matter how I wear them I have confidence that my tools are exactly where I need them and in place when I need them.

Time to get to Work-

No more climbing one-handed or balancing your expensive drill on a ladder, ledge, or scaffolding. Just click it into place and don’t give it a second thought. SwatClips continually meet my expectations. I'll save disappointment for my other tools.

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