Swatclips the Best Driller Ever

Best Cordless Drill Holder Ever

The Industry as a Whole-

There are certain trends in building and remodel that you can’t help but notice. When you're as old as me it starts to feel like you’ve seen it all. For example, I started framing in my high school years with my uncles in California and Utah.

Back then we had to use hand drive sixteen penny nails to frame, nail guns were somewhat of a novelty. Now nobody would dream of framing a house without multiple guns.

Innovation We Can't Work Without-

Every now and again tools make a huge leap forward and we are left wondering how we ever managed without them. Lasers have changed the way we work almost to the point that levels are rendered useless. The CutHub workstation has also changed the way we frame and side and trim.

If I’m being honest the thing that has been the biggest change in the industry over the last decade would be the advancement of battery-operated tools. The Makita double battery circular saw, for example, I love that saw and haven't seen anyone else come close to the power and balance yet. 

The Placement of a Cordless Drill-

One of the trends you’d have to be blind to not notice is how often everyone uses the cordless drills. In particular the cordless impact drivers. There are not a lot of households in America now that don't own some version. I use cordless drills and impact drivers daily. 

The tools are great, but the drill holders and the drill clips, not so much. I want something that matches my tools' performance. It should be strong, lightweight, and easy to use. The tools are small and sexy so the drill clip should be the same. SwatClips drill holder does that for me. It’s super easy to use and like my drill, it is also compact.

There are times I still use the little hanging clip that the drill comes with. There are also times that I need more security and confidence that I won’t drop my drill. Like I said every now and again something comes along that makes us wonder how we got along without it. For me, the SwatClips drill clip is just that.

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