Swatclips Magnetic Bit Box in use

A Magnetic Bit Box for the Worker on the Go


Bit boxes aren’t anything new to anyone who uses power tools. Every contractor and handyman has their fair share of bit boxes, buried away in a garage or sitting in the back of some trailer. 

Unwieldy and not meant to be that portable, more often than not they serve as a catch-all instead of a place to keep bits and pieces organized. 


The other location that bits tend to end up is in the bottom of pockets or tool bags. Buried with whatever else we needed out of our hands so we could work more efficiently. As a result,  our pockets and pouches are filled with nails, various sizes of screws, and drill bits of every type. A mess.

For some, we leave the mess as is, dust and all. For others, we pile it into whatever drawer or toolbox is nearby. 

There has to be a better way. 


Meet the SwatClips Magnetic Bit Box. With an added clip, magnets, and some good old-fashioned ingenuity that makes it something you won’t ever work without.

It slides easily on and off of our base systems allowing you to easily swap between clips. In addition, those loose bits will stay where they belong thanks to a powerful magnet located inside the tray. Finally, additional lid magnets let you stick bits to the outside of the bit box for quick access.

You no longer have to go digging for that bit you need thanks to SwatClips 90-degree flat tray design. 

Finally, the SwatClips system is constructed from a unique blend of durable composites that can withstand extreme temperatures and daily abuse.

It doesn’t get better than this. For more information check out our store page here.

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